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Advanced publishing skills: version control with Git

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Version control is one of the great challenges of every publishing project. Publishing can learn from software development, where Git is the de facto standard, enabling team members to work on the same documents remotely without ever wondering where or what is the latest, master version.

Might Git work for your publishing team? This half-day workshop will tell you. You’ll learn how to:

  • create new repositories
  • explore the history of a project in detail
  • create detailed project histories as you collaborate
  • use GitHub and other services for free, cloud-based version control (and free web hosting).

To register, you should have already completed an introductory digital-skills course, such as ‘Must-have tech skills for publishing pros’.


Cost: R1200 per person (including VAT)
Dates: 19 March 2019, from 9am to 1pm
Venue: The Bandwidth Barn, Woodstock Exchange, Woodstock

You must bring a laptop to do practical exercises, and be able to install software on it.

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last updated 17 January 2019