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Multi-format publishing

We manage complex, beautiful publishing projects. Since 2006, we’ve turned our clients’ content into websites, ebooks and print editions, and helped teams develop strategies and skills for modern publishing.

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Selected work

Changing the way textbooks are made

The Economy is an open-access economics textbook leading the way in both progressive education and multi-format book production. Read more

Literature for a multi-format world

Our work for renowned publishers, such as Pan Macmillan, incorporates a balance of technology and design. The age-old craft of creating a beautiful printed book is translated into digital media. Read more

Making free children’s books with Book Dash

Book Dash publishes a range of children’s books in many languages. We worked with Worldreader to turn these into reusable HTML and ebooks that could be read on any device. Read more

Making the Constitution truly accessible

In partnership with Electric Book Works and the CSIR we created a public-domain version of the Constitution in all eleven official South African languages. Read more

Making the law readily available and easy to understand

How can we live as law-abiding members of society if its rules are a mystery? This book changes that. Read more

Multi-format, open-access healthcare

Non-profit healthcare publisher Bettercare relies on us to develop and maintain its library of open-access textbooks as books, ebooks and a website. Read more