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We turn books into fast, interactive websites.

When thought-leaders need their publications to have the scale of the web and the authority of print, we’re their team.

Perhaps you want to create an online textbook, a professional handbook, or a book series that grows your brand. Are you frustrated with the limitations of conventional book distribution? And with never knowing if people engage with what you publish?

Read more about books as websites here. Our multi-channel approach gives your books the reach of the Internet, the convenience of Kindle, and the gravitas of print, all in one place. We’ll work closely with you to get your content to readers however they need it, wherever they are.

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EBW has been crucial to CORE's success. They are not just our ebooks developer, they are our partner – they understand our mission, goals and audience, and incorporate that knowledge into each piece of work they do. This not only makes our ebooks better but, ultimately, contributes to better learning outcomes for over 115,000 students a year who learn with CORE's textbooks. Luka Crnjakovic COO/CFO CORE Economics Education
For Boundary Bay, we chose Electric Book Works to develop and implement our multi-format publishing workflow based on their innovative, open-source technology and great reputation in the industry. Their skills, professionalism, and knowledge of publishing are all exceptional – and they’re a lot of fun to work with! I strongly recommend EBW’s services to anyone working with books. Simon Collinson Publisher Business Development Manager TextbookHub
There’s no other team like EBW in the publishing industry right now. Once you’ve experienced their workflow, any other way of working will seem ridiculous! They are innovative, strategic, creative, and there’s no technical challenge you can’t throw at them. Their team are reliable, experts in their fields, and excellent communicators. They are an absolute pleasure to work with. Sam Beckbessinger Writer and entrepreneur
Worldreader has had the pleasure of working with Arthur and his team for several years and the level of profes­sionalism is always exceptional, as is the quality of the work. It's a joy to work together and we look forward to future collaborations! Nancy Brown Associate Director, Content Worldreader
I have been extremely pleased working with Electric Book Works. In all areas of our work together, they have been reliable, produced high-quality work, are great thought-partners, and friendly. I would recommend them to anyone considering their services. Florence Middleton Associate Manager Room to Read

Setting new standards for university textbooks

14 September 2021

The Economy is an open-access economics textbook used at over 350 universities worldwide. The team and technology behind its production set new standards for multi-format publishing. Read more

A game-like book that sparks fresh thinking

1 October 2021

Survive the Century is a book, a game, and a climate-change adventure: on every page, your choices determine how the story unfolds, and whether humanity survives till 2100. Read more

How thought leaders can publish a book in stages

20 September 2021

Measuring the Economy is an open-access guide to economic measurement in the modern world, developed and released in stages by the UK’s Office for National Statistics. Read more

Bold designs in print and digital publishing

20 December 2019

We Have a Game Changer is the story behind the stories at iconoclastic news service Daily Maverick. To celebrate their first ten years, we produced their history in a beautiful print edition, a crafted ebook, and a mobile-friendly web book. Read more

Publishing accessible, interactive research

20 September 2021

Most research disappears into PDFs that no one reads. Instead, we worked with WISER and FCFA to publish their community-based climate work as a fast, mobile-friendly website. It’s shareable and interactive, and we can track how readers engage with it. Read more

An interactive training kit, online and offline

20 September 2021

How do you deliver interactive forms, colourful graphics, and video to trainees in rural Africa, where Internet access is limited? We created an interactive website and offline app for teaching community leaders how to create great playgrounds for children. Read more

A print and online reference for professionals

22 September 2021

When professionals need answers, they want them fast and trustworthy. To provide both, you need the instant access of a website and the gravitas of a printed book. With ‘Law Made Simple’ we set out to achieve that for our client. Read more

Designing trade fiction for print and ereaders

27 September 2017

When you read a novel from a discerning publisher, every aspect of your reading experience has been carefully crafted. It’s our job to do that well, for print and ebooks. Read more

Making the Constitution truly accessible

25 August 2017

In partnership with the CSIR we created the first accessible public-domain version of the South African Constitution in all eleven official languages. Read more

Sustaining open-access healthcare with print sales

20 September 2021

Non-profit healthcare publisher Bettercare relies on us to develop and maintain its library of open-access textbooks as a website and printed books, sales of which sustain the organisation. Read more

Making free children’s books with Book Dash

27 September 2021

Book Dash publishes a range of children’s books in many languages. We worked with Worldreader to turn these into reusable HTML and ebooks that could be read on any device. Read more