Electric Book Works Publishing reinvented for the digital age

About us

Since 2006, we’ve created beautiful, effective publications for the web, for mobile devices, and in print. Millions of people have engaged with our clients’ publications on paper and screens, in schools and universities, businesses and state services.

Electric Book Works is synonymous with publishing innovation. It is the birthplace of acclaimed initiatives like Book Dash, Bettercare, and Paperight, and has helped many organisations build their digital capacity through training, consulting and product development.

Our team of publishing experts – from design, editorial and software backgrounds – work with our clients to invent, plan and deliver complex publishing projects, empower their people, and improve sustainability.

We also maintain the open-source Electric Book workflow and Electric Book Manager.

If you’d like to join our team, see our Opportunities page.

Our team

Arthur Attwell is an award-winning thought leader in publishing innovation and technology. He has worked in publishing and technology for over twenty years. He holds a Masters degree in Creative Writing from the University of Cape Town. See arthurattwell.com. Mail arthur@electricbookworks.com

Christina Tromp is a multi-format production specialist who believes in the power of good books and websites. She has an honours degree in politics, philosophy and economics from the University of Cape Town. Mail christina@electricbookworks.com.

Klara Skinner is a publishing specialist with four years’ experience managing book projects. She holds a degree in English Literature and an Honours degree in Publishing Studies from Wits University. Mail klara@electricbookworks.com.

Lauren Ellwood is a publishing specialist with experience publishing trade and children’s books. She holds a degree in English Literature and Print Journalism and an Honours degree in Media Theory and Practice from the University of Cape Town. Mail lauren@electricbookworks.com.

Louise Steward is a publishing specialist and software developer, with experience in the production of online maths and science educational resources. She has a Masters degree in Astrophysics and Space Science from the University of Cape Town, and has an interest in open educational resources and textbooks. Mail louise@electricbookworks.com.