Electric Book Works Publishing reinvented for the digital age

A print and online reference for professionals

In both business and everyday life, we all wonder from time to time: are they allowed to do that? Am I allowed to do this? Law Made Simple is a reference book for South Africans who want the answers.

Of course, the law can be notoriously complicated, and its statutes arcane. So Advocate Owen Salmon and his team spent several years researching and writing in order to explain over 270 statutes in plain language.

Lawful Living as a website and a printed book

Owen came to Electric Book Works when he was ready to turn this enormous work into a publication and a self-sustaining business. He knew that readers would want to access it online, for instant answers. And also that many people would buy a beautiful print edition to keep and refer to – especially professionals like accountants and lawyers, whose bookshelves are an invaluable part of their daily lives.

Lawful Living as a printed book

Our job was to structure and design this large publication for paper and screen, so that readers can find what they need quickly and easily, whether they’re reading the book or visiting the website.

A set of Lawful Living social media adverts

The book would also be a business brand in itself. So we created a bold identity for the Lawful Living brand, ensuring consistency across all media and communications. This included designing a logo, book cover, stationery, a social media campaign, and print advertising.

Various smaller, theme-specific editions of Lawful Living

While the full book is over 700 pages long, some buyers only need information in a specific area of law, like the environment or commerce. Our Electric Book software lets us generate these smaller books from the same master files, so that we never have to manage content in more than one place. This ensures that production is efficient, accurate and cost-effective.

You can read Law Made Simple online at lawfulliving.co.za.

22 September 2021