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Tips and guidance on self-publishing for beginners.

Self-publishing ebooks

These days it’s very easy, and affordable, to self-publish in an ebook format and distribute your ebook through retailers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. There are these parts to the process: … Read more

Self-publishing checklist

When self-publishing, the most important thing is to reduce your risk. Over the years, we’ve seen dozens of self-publishers spend too much on their product and too little money and energy on promotion. In general, once your manuscript is written you should be spending 10% of your time on production and 90% on promotion. (See our self-publishing ebooks article for the basics of production, marketing and distribution of ebook projects. Also see our ABCs section for some modern publishing basics.). … Read more

Arthur Attwell last updated 9 March 2015
This information is more than two years old, and may no longer be accurate.