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This is a constantly evolving list of digital-publishing links and resources we find useful and/or interesting.


Great article/ebook by John Siracusa on the history and future of ebooks

The International Digital Publishing Forum

The IDPF oversees the development of the specifications that make up epub. The actual specs are on their site. You will very rarely need these, but it’s good to know they’re there.


“The Machine is Us/ing Us”: Brilliant video on the interlinked nature of the Internet

“Better than free”: Seminal essay by Kevin Kelly

Digital magazine concept video by Bonnier/Berg

Bookserver, a project to standardize ebook sales and lending online



Epubcheck, the open-source tool for checking whether epubs are valid according to the relevant specs. If you run it yourself on your machine, you need to do so in a command line. Slightly technical, but really fast.

EPUB: Straight to the point

Liz Castro’s book focuses on creating epub from InDesign.

Epub Zen Garden

An example of how different CSS files applied to the same epub can radically change ebook design.


Calibre (free; for managing and converting ebook formats)

Sigil (free; for creating and editing epub ebooks)

Faststone image editor (Windows)

Free, good at batch conversions


Mike Shatzkin (business, strategy)


Michael Cairns (business, strategy)


Threepress Consulting (epub and web-based tech specialists)


Tools of Change (run by O’Reilly Media)



All those that Electric Book Works follows at http://twitter.com/electricbook are highly recommended.

Arthur Attwell 27 August 2010
This information is more than two years old, and may no longer be accurate.