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A podcast on the art and science of making books

We’re excited to be supporting a new podcast that I host called How Books Are Made. You’ll find a trailer and the first episode at howbooksaremade.com, or in any podcast player including iTunes, Google Podcasts, and Spotify.

I’ll be speaking to book-making pioneers about design, production, marketing, distribution, and technology, and answering listener questions. These will be conversations for book lovers and publishing decision makers, whether you’re crafting books at a big company or a boutique publisher.

Why a podcast? At EBW we deeply enjoy learning and talking about the details of making books. We also think that the lovely people behind the scenes in publishing deserve a little limelight, especially when they’re doing new, important work. By bringing their and our voices literally into the public ear, as it were, we hope that decision makers will discover new possibilities for their own publishing work, and even trust us and our guests with that work in future.

In the first episode, I speak to Sam Beckbessinger, the bestselling author of Manage Your Money Like a F—ing Grownup, which is a book, a website, and a growing brand in several countries. She also writes for hugely popular kids’ TV shows, and was one of the writers on Serial Box and Marvel’s serialized novel Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire. She is irrepressibly joyful and optimistic, which is something we all need a dose of right now.

Arthur Attwell 18 August 2020