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Electric Book links: Mirrorworld, ancient page designs, and fixing ebooks

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Kevin Kelly’s description of the future of augmented reality is a must-read. He has an uncanny ability to see the obvious future in the mess of the present. We’re thinking a lot about how books might work with Kelly’s mirrorworld.


On Twitter, Professor of Book History at the University of British Columbia Erik Kwakkel posts wonderful images from old manuscripts, like this page from a 14th century French manuscript showing a remarkable piece of manual page design.


I’ve only recently come across Teresa Elsey’s amazing piece from 2016 on maintaining a large ebook backlist . If you work with ebooks and you haven’t read it, you really, really should.


Do you also turn raw manuscripts into books, like we do? Randall Munroe feels our pain .


We learned recently that the open-access economics textbook we produce for CORE, The Economy, is now used at over 230 universities worldwide. The project has set an example for what’s possible with multi-format publishing. If you don’t know it, we have a write-up on our site .


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Arthur Attwell 5 April 2019