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Lockdown- and coronavirus-related projects

We’re lucky to be able to contribute to a few projects and resources related to the coronavirus pandemic.

Learning material for healthcare workers

Our sibling non-profit Bettercare has created a new COVID-19 module in their best-selling ‘Infection Prevention and Control’ course. We publish and maintain Bettercare’s programmes, so we’re proud to be a part of this. Like everything Bettercare creates, this is a free online resource for professional healthcare training. Read the new module here.

To help ensure that South Africans get official, up-to-date information about COVID-19, and to fight fake news and misleading stories, the government has made it compulsory for all domains that end in .za to include a visible link to sacoronavirus.co.za on their landing page. This site is the government’s official ‘Covid-19 South African Online Portal’.

Modifying a website quickly and elegantly can be tricky. Here is a quick and easy way to include that link. It’s also a WordPress plugin. Once implemented, your site will show a small tab that users can close. It will stay closed for that visit (or ‘session’). You’ll see it in action on our own site.

Supporting local bookstores

Our local-bookstore friends are taking strain, and we’d love to see you buying local rather than defaulting to big online retailers.

So we’re working on a little site that will let you instantly mail your local bookstores to ask if they have the book you want, so that you can support local stores more easily. We’ll announce more soon. Meanwhile, if you work for a bookstore and want to participate, let us know.

Connecting publishers and epub-capable freelancers

The coronavirus is forcing publishers to convert more books to epubs quickly. We receive requests for this kind of work, and we can’t take it all on. To help publishers connect with freelance book-production pros, I’m keeping a list of them on my site. If you know people who should be on the list, there are guidelines there for getting them listed.

Fun for isolated families

Us parents know how hard it is keeping kids entertained under lockdown. My family and I created Quick Kids to play with our son. It’s a simple online general-knowledge game for five-to-ten year-olds. It’s open source, so you can contribute, too.

Arthur Attwell last updated 10 April 2020