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Simple-ebook operational issues

Selected guidelines for specific operational issues when making and selling simple ebooks.

Simple-ebook structure

Sometimes making ebooks is not the same as making an exact PDF copy of your print edition. And it shouldn’t be – the medium is different and that changes things. Here are EBW’s recommendations for structuring simple ebooks. … Read more

Adobe DRM: a guide for publishers

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is any technological constraint on what a user can do with a document. Usually, DRM involves some kind of encryption that locks a document to a user’s identity, so that they can’t share it with anyone else. Whether you choose to use DRM on your ebooks is up to you, and should depend on your sales and distribution strategy for each book or list of books. At Electric Book Works we always recommend not using DRM; but we know not everyone agrees with us. The question you should ask yourself is not ‘Shall we go DRM-free’ or ‘What DRM should we use’, but ‘Do we need DRM on this?’ That said, if you do choose to use DRM, at some point you’ll have to choose DRM settings for an Adobe Content Server. Read on for guidance. … Read more

Arthur Attwell last updated 4 May 2010
This information is more than two years old, and may no longer be accurate.