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Managing in-house learning and knowledge

In a new field like digital, as staff work they will be discovering new techniques and best-practice. This must be stored and shared immediately – it’s very easy to forget, thinking you’ll remember, the many little tricks and tips you develop as you work with ebooks.

Also, staff need access to up-to-date guidelines and how-tos for unfamiliar tasks (like preparing epubs or creating metadata) if their work is to be consistent. Consistency is critical if your content and other databases are going to be useful.

Set up a wiki-based system (e.g. Mediawiki, which runs Wikipedia) on your internal network. That way, all your staff can contribute to developing your best-practice documents, how-tos and guidelines. And you can post there notes like these that are someones quite expensive to buy in, both in time and money.

Arthur Attwell 16 April 2010
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