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Survey: What are you thinking?

This is an anonymous questionnaire on key issues. The idea is to see what people here are thinking right now, and to share those ideas with the group without worrying what your peers might be thinking. Take five minutes to note down quick ideas in response to each question.

Which kinds of books (by genres or any other classification) published by your organisation should be sold as ebooks first?

Should you digitise your whole backlist, or only some of it? If the latter, how should you go about choosing which books to digitise?

Can your current systems for managing book files and metadata handle ebooks? If not, what’s the main reason?

How will your customers read their ebooks? (When, where and on what?)

Should your organisation use DRM for all, some, or none of its books?

Should electronic rights be negotiated book by book, or should your organisation make a tactful rights land-grab for the sake of efficiency?

Can you realistically expect your designers and typesetters to create ebook files? (Giving them, say, three months’ notice.)

How do you share new knowledge and skills across your organisation? Will this system be enough as you learn to make and sell ebooks?

What do you think basic ebooks should cost the consumer?

Do you really think your company should be spending time and money on ebooks?

Arthur Attwell last updated 16 April 2010
This information is more than two years old, and may no longer be accurate.