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The Export to Epub dialog box

In order to export a full book from InDesign, you must select the export command from the “Book” panel menu, instead of the “File” menu, as it is for documents. Make sure that you have the “Book” panel visible (it automatically pops up whenever you open a book in InDesign). The export tool will only export character/paragraph styles and metadata from one document in the book. This document can be selected from the Book panel menu as the “styling source” document (the little symbol to the left of the document name).

Working from CS3

Tip: Make sure the ‘bullets to text’ checkbox is ticked when exporting to epub, not ‘map bullets to lists’. This makes for better formatting, because of the way CS3 creates CSS and HTML code. Also, see the notes for CS4 below.

Working from CS4

See this excellent post by Keith Fahlgren. We certainly can’t improve on that.

Also, Liz Castro found a bug in the way CS4 handles lists. Check it out before you export – it may affect your decisions when you export.

Arthur Attwell 17 February 2010
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