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What to expect after exporting to epub

After you’ve created a basic epub from InDesign, there’s more to do to make a good, sellable epub. You will:

  • extract the contents of the epub file
  • add a cover
  • add all fonts to the manifest
  • make images resizable
  • check the order of book parts
  • add page breaks, remove span-related spaces, fix non-breaking spaces
  • correct the titles of the chapters
  • add ADE page-template file
  • check that the Table of Contents works
  • add metadata
  • edit CSS
  • embed video/audio files if necessary
  • optionally: replace head tags with structured HTML head tags
  • zip the contents of the epub up again (in the right order)
  • test the epub.

To do this you’ll almost always have to work a little with the epub’s code. We go through this in detail below.

Note: When we say ‘Book’ with a capital B, we mean an InDesign Book, which gathers documents into an .indb file. When we say ‘book’, we mean the title you’re working on.

Arthur Attwell 17 February 2010
This information is more than two years old, and may no longer be accurate. Contact us to check, or log an issue on GitHub.