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Check the order of book parts

Some parts of your book (InDesign documents, images, and other objects) may end up in the wrong place or order in the epub after exporting from InDesign. This is especially true of images that were not anchored in the InDesign document. You just need to check for this.

If images are out of place, you need to edit the relevant XHTML files to put them in the right place. Use the code for images provided in the previous section.

If entire sections of chapters are in the wrong order, it may because their order is wrong in the spine. The spine is the list of files that make up the content (usually XML, HTML and XHTML files), in reading order. You can fix incorrect ordering by editing the spine section of the content.opf file.

  • Open content.opf
  • Find the <spine> tag and make sure the parts listed under it are in the right order.
Arthur Attwell last updated 17 February 2010
This information is more than two years old, and may no longer be accurate.