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Providing insight into economic measurement

Measuring the Economy is an open-access resource that was born out of the Economic Experts Working Group at the Office for National Statistics, the recognised national statistical institute of the UK.

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The book brings to life the importance of economic measurement and the impact that economic data collection can have on citizens. It helps students of economics and related subjects grapple with key economic concepts and their real-world applications. It explores the opportunities and challenges we face in measuring modern economies, answering the big-picture questions and explaining the finer details of gathering accurate statistics.

Each chapter of Measuring the Economy is written by a leading expert in the field. The book covers the key areas of economic measurement, from the basic topics of price measurement, GDP and the labour market to the more complex issues of natural capital and income distribution. Importantly, the book offers easily digestible insight into these concepts while also providing readers with the knowledge and skills to appraise what the statistics mean and how they impact their lives.

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Andy Haldane, chief economist at the Bank of England, has this to say about the project: “For those interested in economics and economic policy, this book explains clearly the concepts, challenges and controversies that lie behind our measurement of the economy, and the methods we use to make measurement practical.”

The book is being released in stages with the vision that future editions will include additional resources, such as case studies and exercises, and be available in multiple formats including a print edition. Our Electric Book publishing system is perfectly suited to this evolving, multi-year project, as ongoing updates to the book can be made quickly and easily.

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Measuring the Economy is available as a website. As chapters are written by authors, they are edited and digitised for multiple formats by our team, and then published for free online. The website edition of the book is data-light and mobile friendly, and includes interactive features such as animated figures and popup definitions of key economic terms.

You can read Measuring the Economy online for free here.

last updated 13 February 2020