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Publishing a book the bold, innovative way

Daily Maverick is an award-winning, iconoclastic South African online news service. When deciding how to go about publishing a book commemorating ten years of journalism in an age of digital disruption, big stories and complex politics, it made sense then that they would opt to:

  • Publish independently.
  • Publish the book in multiple formats, to maximise accessibility.
  • Publish the full book online.

And use the Electric Book workflow to produce the publication, digital-first, and from a single source.

We Have a Game Changer website on mobile

The print format needed to be unique and beautiful, a collector’s item that loyal readers could delight in. Karen Lilje of Hybrid Creative achieved this through a design inspired by the chronological nature of the content.

We Have a Game Changer print format contents page

The Electric Book Works team turned that design into CSS and the book’s content into markdown in order to output a print-ready PDF, ebook and web format of the book.

We Have a Game Changer print format spreads

Daily Maverick’s existing readership is online, and the organisation is openly opposed to paywalls: “South Africa is already a poor country. Allowing only those with means to access Daily Maverick content would make us even poorer,” says CEO Styli Charalambous. In an editorial column, Daily Maverick writes:

we’ve decided to also put the entire contents of the book online, for FREE. … It will live on a dedicated microsite to ensure ease of accessibility to those who would not normally have that opportunity. We’re taking this brave step, betting along the way that our members, those who like the physical feel of the book, and those who can afford it, will want to hold those 100,000 words in their hands, be it on paper or Kindle.

We Have a Game Changer website on iPad

We Have a Game Changer is published under Daily Maverick’s debut imprint, Maverick 451.

You can buy the print book directly from Daily Maverick. The ebook is available on Amazon. Or read it online.

last updated 20 December 2019