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Community-support lead

Electric Book Works needs a brilliant young person to join our team for at least three months to help us run an experiment. This will be a fixed-term contract and, depending on how the experiment goes, we hope to extend it.

EBW is known for producing world-class websites and books for clients (see our portfolio for examples). We’re tech-savvy, super organised, and friendly, and we take our social impact very seriously.

So what will you be doing? One of our clients is Bettercare, a non-profit that creates learning material for nurses, midwives and other healthcare professionals. Have a look at bettercare.co.za to see what they do.

We maintain all of Bettercare’s books and websites: we edit and lay out new books, make updates to existing ones, and keep their websites and print-ready files updated.

The people who use Bettercare books form a kind of community of trainers, managers, nurses, midwives, doctors, and others, working on improving the knowledge and confidence of healthcare professionals. Our experiment is to take on the work of supporting that community.

Your job will be to stay in touch with Bettercare’s enormous list of customers and supporters, and to help them choose and use Bettercare’s learning programmes. You’ll be answering emails and phone calls, contacting people at hospitals and universities, liaising with printers and logistics suppliers, corresponding with Bettercare’s editorial board, updating project partners, writing website and social-media posts about Bettercare, and more. When time allows, you’ll also get to work on and learn from other projects at EBW, which range from creating children’s ebooks to digitising university textbooks.

To do this job, you need to be a warm, outgoing person with a passion for solving problems. You’ll need a wide range of skills. You are already a highly organised person. You never let anyone down. We imagine that you already use spreadsheets to organise your life. You carry a notebook with you every day to manage your to-do lists. You read a lot, both to improve your thinking and because you’re super curious about the world. From an early age you were involved in extramural clubs and projects, and often found yourself leading them. You write very well, and have always excelled at writing tasks. In your private time you’re creative, and love making new things, whether that’s craft, food, stories, models, music, gardens, or another creative pursuit. You know you’re capable of great achievements, and it’s important to you that your work makes the world a better place.

Depending on your experience, we’ll pay you between R15000 (if you’ve just graduated) and R25000/month (if you have a few years of experience and an impressive track record). At EBW we believe your computer is your personal toolbox, so you must own and care for yours yourself. So you’ll need to bring your own laptop computer, or we’ll lend you money to help you buy one. We’ll also give you lots of technical training on the job. You’ll work from our office in Wynberg, Cape Town. We offer some flexibility for working from home sometimes, as long as you’re online and contactable.

If you’re sure you’re the right person for the job, write us a letter that tells us why. You can include a CV or a link to a resumé (e.g. on LinkedIn). Most importantly we want to hear your story in your words. Send it to team@electricbookworks.com.

We need to receive your application by 30 August 2019, and we may start shortlisting candidates before that.

last updated 1 August 2019