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Production manager

We’re looking for a production manager to join the Electric Book Works team. We make books for client organisations, and publish them as beautiful print editions, websites, ebooks and apps. We’re known for being innovative, and for creating positive social change. Our production manager would work with clients and with our team to build great products.

We’re a small team who are open, friendly and supportive. We’re very organised, highly transparent, always learning, and we’re good at delivering high-quality, finished work on time and on budget.

We’ll be looking for someone who works well on a team, which means having top-notch communication skills, and the ability to translate between technical concepts and real user needs.

When we imagine our new team member, we reckon:

  • you’ve worked in a client-facing role for 5-10 years
  • for some of that time, you’ve been involved with the creation of a product for clients, perhaps building websites or doing design work
  • you’re known for being super organised
  • you’re confident with software, and tech-savvy
  • doing meaningful work that’s good for the world is a priority for you
  • you have a track record of extra-mural activity, such as leading a university society, starting a small business venture, or contributing meaningfully to a volunteer organisation
  • you have happy, healthy relationships with clients and colleagues.

What does a production manager do?

Our production manager works directly on books, and oversees the work of others. Since most of our books are also websites, they need to actively develop a solid grasp of the tech and processes we use to make books. Then, depending on each project and its team, their day-to-day work might involve:

  • evaluating source material (like manuscripts and artwork), and planning how to make it publication-ready
  • turning manuscripts into markdown for multi-format output (we’ll train you on our in-house tools)
  • briefing editors, designers and illustrators
  • participating in meetings with clients and team members
  • fixing or even creating simple artwork
  • keeping clients updated, and answering their questions
  • helping less experienced team members
  • checking others’ work closely, and helping them improve
  • creating documentation that helps others contribute to projects
  • research and troubleshooting technical challenges
  • planning production work and team capacity
  • making confident judgement calls about costs, quality and speed
  • contributing to improving EBW’s systems.


This position will be a long-term contract, which may become a permanent position. We have not predetermined the salary for this position. We’ll work that out with you based on your skills, experience, and career path. While you will work remotely, you do need to be based in Cape Town for training and team gatherings.

If this sounds like the role for you, write us a letter about that. You can include a link to an online resumé (e.g. on LinkedIn), but really we want to hear your story in your words. Send it to team@electricbookworks.com. This is an open invitation to apply, so there is no closing date.

If you have less experience than this position requires, you may be interested in an internship.

Finally, a note on writing your cover letter. The single most important thing about EBW team members is that they are great communicators. Perhaps as a result, over many years, we’ve learned that the quality of a cover letter correlates strongly with both who we hire and with team members who go on to achieve remarkable things at EBW and beyond. Whenever we accept applications for a role, only a few applicants write great cover letters, and they go straight onto our shortlist. We can only interview a small handful of people, so please invest real time and attention in your cover letter, so that we can get to know the real you, right from the start.

last updated 3 August 2021