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Internship in book and web production

Electric Book Works is offering an internship in book production on our team. If you would like to be considered for the internship, read on.

We make books for thought-leading organisations, and publish them as beautiful print editions, websites, ebooks and apps. We’re known for being innovative, and for creating positive social change. Interns at EBW get to be an integral part of this, and learn an enormous amount about making books and websites.

Interns get to see our entire production process, and work on digitising books alongside senior team members. You get a full, transparent view of an acclaimed and innovative publishing business.

EBW team members are deeply curious about how books can be made for paper and for screens. If you know about book, magazine or web production that’s great, but your curiosity is more important than your publishing experience.

When we imagine what you’ve done before, we reckon:

  • You have recently graduated or have at least a year of work experience (part-time or full-time). This suggests to us that you know how to learn new skills, can work on a team, and finish projects independently.
  • You have a track record of extra-mural activity, such as leading a club or university society, starting a small business, or contributing meaningfully to a volunteer organisation. We’ve found a high correlation between stellar team members and extra-mural leadership.
  • Your work or studies have given you skills in creating and improving content. This suggests that you know how to make books better.
  • You’re known for being super organised. That’s a mindset you’ll need in order to enjoy working with us.
  • You’re confident with software. You can always learn new tricks, but you’ll need confidence if you’re going to enjoy using cutting-edge tools for book-making.
  • Doing meaningful work that’s good for the world is a priority for you.
  • You have happy, healthy relationships with fellow team members.

In this position, you will earn R8000 per month for a period of three to six months. EBW team members use their own computers. If you don’t have one, we’ll loan you money (short-term, interest-free) to help you buy your own. While you will work remotely, you do need to be based in Cape Town for training and team gatherings.

If this sounds like the role for you, write us a letter about that. We want to hear your story in your words. You can include a CV or a link to an online resumé (e.g. on LinkedIn). Send it to team@electricbookworks.com.

Applications close on 19 August 2022. If you miss that deadline, you’re still welcome to apply if you’d like to be considered for an internship in the future.

Finally, a note on writing your cover letter. The single most important thing about EBW team members is that they are great communicators. Perhaps as a result, over many years, we’ve learned that the quality of a cover letter correlates strongly with both who we hire and with team members who go on to achieve remarkable things at EBW and beyond. Whenever we accept applications for a role, only a few applicants write great cover letters, and they go straight onto our shortlist. We can only interview a small handful of people, so please invest real time and attention in your cover letter, so that we can get to know the real you, right from the start.

12 August 2022