Electric Book Works Web, mobile and print publications


We’re looking for a developer to join our team at Electric Book Works in Cape Town. We make books for client organisations, and publish them as beautiful print books, websites, ebooks and apps. We’re known for being innovative, and for creating positive social change.

Our developer would work with clients and with our team to build great products, and to develop our in-house toolsets. They’d work in many or all of our core technologies:

  • We spend a lot of time creating book and web designs in HTML and CSS, mostly building on our Electric Book template, which is built on Jekyll. For PDF output, this means writing CSS Paged Media for output with PrinceXML and paged.js.
  • We constantly refine our Electric Book template, and develop our range of in-house scripts for book and web production. These are mostly vanilla Javascript, Node scripts, batch files and shell scripts.
  • Technical team members coach and support their editorial and design colleagues (and learn from them) every day.
  • Increasingly, we work on data and data-visualisation projects using Javascript and R.
  • We would like to improve our online ‘book CMS’ the Electric Book Manager, a web app written largely in Typescript and Go. Skills in these are a bonus.

When we imagine our new team member, we reckon:

  • you’ve worked in software development for several years, and have well-developed skills in many of the technologies we use
  • for some of that time, you’ve been in a coaching or leadership position
  • you’re known for being organised, and for writing code that others can follow easily
  • you spend personal time learning deeply about other human or computer languages, or other complex cultural phenomena
  • doing meaningful work that’s good for the world is a priority for you
  • you have happy, healthy relationships with colleagues.

This position will be a long-term contract, which may become a permanent position. We have not predetermined the salary for this position. We’ll work that out with you based on your skills, experience, and career path. While you will be able to work remotely sometimes, you do need to be based mostly in Cape Town.

If this sounds like the role for you, write us a letter about that. You can include a link to an online resumé (e.g. on LinkedIn), but really we want to hear your story in your words. Send it to team@electricbookworks.com.

This is an open invitation to apply, so there is no closing date.

last updated 4 June 2019