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Online book hosting

When we produce your book with the digital-first Electric Book workflow, you can access your project’s source files and their version-controlled history online. You can even make your own changes to the text and output your book in PDF and as a website.

To activate this service, you enter into a monthly book-hosting and support plan.

  • We cover the cost of your access to all your books’ private repositories on GitHub (where they’re managed by us).
  • You can use our beta Electric Book Manager to output and even edit your book collaboratively.
  • Our friendly, experienced team will provide email and video-call support to answer questions about using GitHub and the Electric Book Manager.

This support does not cover working on your books, for instance reviewing submissions from contributors, quality assurance, software development, design or editorial work. If you need help in these areas, we’ll provide a quote for the work or propose an hourly fee for the work you need done.


A monthly subscription gives you access to unlimited books in unlimited repositories managed by us. Subscriptions are priced per user.

Package Price
One person R500/month (approx $55)
Small team R900/month (approx $110) for three users.
Add users at R200/month.
Organisation R3000/month (approx $375) for ten users.
Add users at R200/month.

Fees are charged monthly in advance. Prices exclude VAT, which is only charged to clients in South Africa. Prices are subject to change with 30 days notice. You may add or remove users at any time, and removals take effect at the end of each month.

To take up a book-hosting plan, please mail our team.

User documentation

To use the Electric Book workflow, see the following documentation: