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What to expect after exporting to epub

After you’ve created a basic epub from InDesign, there’s more to do to make a good, sellable epub. You will:

  • extract the contents of the epub file
  • add a cover
  • add all fonts to the manifest
  • make images resizable
  • check the order of book parts
  • add page breaks, remove span-related spaces, fix non-breaking spaces
  • correct the titles of the chapters
  • add ADE page-template file
  • check that the Table of Contents works
  • add metadata
  • edit CSS
  • embed video/audio files if necessary
  • optionally: replace head tags with structured HTML head tags
  • zip the contents of the epub up again (in the right order)
  • test the epub.

To do this you’ll almost always have to work a little with the epub’s code. We go through this in detail below.

Note: When we say ‘Book’ with a capital B, we mean an InDesign Book, which gathers documents into an .indb file. When we say ‘book’, we mean the title you’re working on.

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