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Zip the epub again

You’re done! Now to zip the package together again.

  • Create a new, empty folder with the title of your book as its name, no spaces, all lowercase is best.
  • Zip the empty folder. You now have an empty zip folder.
  • Now you’ll put the pieces of the epub into it, in the right order:
    • First, drag and drop the mimetype file into the zip folder.
    • Next, add the META-INF and the OEBPS folders (you can drag both into the folder at once, their order doesn’t matter, as long as the mimetype file is first).
  • Finally, change the .zip extension on your compressed folder to .epub.

This is easy on a Windows machine. If you’re on a Mac, this often doesn’t work, because of the way most Mac-based zip software (e.g. Stuffit) works. For a slightly advanced way (using Applescript) to create zips as epubs on Mac, see this article about the ePub Zip utility or this one (which shows you how to zip from a command line on OS X or Linux).


  1. For Mac, ePub Zip is a fun, free Applescript-based utility. Just drag your files onto the ePub Zip icon, and out pops your zipped up ePub file with everything in its proper place.

  2. Amber says:

    You, my friend, have just saved me hours of frustration. Thank you.

  3. eze says:

    You are a genius!!!

  4. Rosie says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! this was doing my head in – had tried everything else I could find on the web and this is the ONLY thing that works. Perfect, first time.

  5. Lexie says:

    This entire section has been such a life-saver! It seems bizarre that even a simple ePub from InDesign needs so much extra tweaking to get it working – I am so grateful for these articles. You’ve saved me hours of time and most of my sanity :)

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